What is the ACPFIM?

After completion of the CPFIM, APT US&C recommends successful completion of the ACPFIM. The program's duration is 3-4 hours long and has two major themes; Analysis and Strategy. In the first module of the training we discuss how to analyze the fixed income and bond markets and to quantify the risks of your portfolio. The program has an emphasis on measuring today's biggest risk, interest rate risk, and understanding duration and convexity. The second part of the ACPFIM program is building the right strategy for today's market. In this module we discuss putting together a game plan for taking advantage of opportunities and avoiding some of the pitfalls in every market. The goal is to help you develop a written strategy and become a disciplined investor. There is a big and important difference between just purchasing investments and managing your investment portfolio. This program will explain the difference and assist you in becoming an effective portfolio manager. Following the program there will be a 35 question exam. The only prerequisite for the course is to be a CPFIM.


If you would like to schedule an ACPFIM training at your meeting or conference, or if you have any questions about the course, contact headquarters at (989) 820-5205.