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Advanced CPFA Application

 What does it mean?

The goal of the Advanced CPFA is to encourage and reward advanced education and participation in the APT US & C and its State and Province Associations. Applicants must have a current CPFA at the time of application for the Advanced CPFA and, while work experience does not earn any points toward the Advanced CPFA, education points and non-work experience points may be used for maintaining the CPFA as well as earning the Advanced CPFA. The Advanced certification will require 15 experience points and 45 advanced education points. 


Any questions concerning the CPFA and Advanced CPFA application, please contact Headquarters at (414) 908-4947 or via email at Questions specific to the certification processs, can be addressed to Blinda Baker, Clerk/Treasurer of the City of East Tawas, Michigan, who is the current chair of the APT US & C CPFA Certification Committee. She can be reached by phone at (989) 362-6161 Ext:11, or by e-mail at